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# widget.py
# fundamental graph plotting widget

#    Copyright (C) 2004 Jeremy S. Sanders
#    Email: Jeremy Sanders <jeremy@jeremysanders.net>
#    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
#    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
#    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
#    (at your option) any later version.
#    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
#    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
#    GNU General Public License for more details.
#    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
#    with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
#    51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.

# $Id: widget.py 1325 2010-07-12 13:04:13Z jeremysanders $

import itertools

import veusz.document as document
import veusz.utils as utils
import veusz.setting as setting

00030 class Action(object):
    """A class to wrap functions operating on widgets.

    name: name of action
    function: function to call with no arguments
    descr: description of action
    usertext: name of action to display to user

00040     def __init__(self, name, function, descr='', usertext=''):
        """Initialise Action

        Name of action is name
        Calls function function() on invocation
        Action has description descr
        Usertext is short form of name to display to user."""

        self.name = name
        self.function = function
        self.descr = descr
        self.usertext = usertext

00053 class Widget(object):
    """ Fundamental plotting widget interface."""

    typename = 'generic'
    allowusercreation = False

    # list of allowed types this can have as a parent
    allowedparenttypes = []

00062     def __init__(self, parent, name=None):
        """Initialise a blank widget."""

        # save parent widget for later
        self.parent = parent
        self.document = None

        if not self.isAllowedParent(parent):
            raise RuntimeError, "Widget parent is of incorrect type"

        if name is None:
            name = self.chooseName()
        self.name = name

        # propagate document
        if parent is not None:
            self.document = parent.document

        # store child widgets
        self.children = []
        # position of this widget on its parent
        self.position = (0., 0., 1., 1.)

        # settings for widget
        self.settings = setting.Settings( 'Widget_' + self.typename )
        self.settings.parent = self


        # actions for widget
        self.actions = []

        # pts user can move around
        self.controlgraphitems = []

00100     def addSettings(klass, s):
        """Add items to settings s."""
        s.add( setting.Bool('hide', False,
                            descr = 'Hide object',
                            usertext = 'Hide',
                            formatting = True) )

00107     def isWidget(self):
        """Is this object a widget?"""
        return True

00111     def getDocument(self):
        """Return document.
        Unfortunately we need this as document is shadowed in StyleSheet,
        return self.document

00117     def rename(self, name):
        """Change name of self."""

        if self.parent is None:
            raise ValueError, 'Cannot rename root widget'

        if name.find('/') != -1:
            raise ValueError, 'Names cannot contain "/"'

        # check whether name already exists in siblings
        for i in self.parent.children:
            if i != self and i.name == name:
                raise ValueError, 'New name "%s" already exists' % name

        self.name = name

00134     def addDefaultSubWidgets(self):
        '''Add default sub widgets to widget, if any'''

00138     def addAction(self, action):
        """Assign name to operation.
        action is action class above
        self.actions.append( action )

00144     def getAction(self, name):
        """Get action associated with name."""
        for a in self.actions:
            if a.name == name:
                return a
        return None

00151     def isAllowedParent(self, parent):
        """Is the parent a suitable type?"""
        ap = self.allowedparenttypes 
        if parent is None:# and len(ap)>0 and ap[0] is None:
            return True
        for p in ap:
            if isinstance(parent, p):
                return True
        return False      

00162     def willAllowParent(cls, parent):
        """Is the parent of an allowed type to have this type as a child?"""

        # allow base widget to have no parent
        ap = cls.allowedparenttypes 
        if parent is None and len(ap) > 0 and ap[0] is None:
            return True
        for p in ap:
            if isinstance(parent, p):
                return True
        return False
    willAllowParent = classmethod(willAllowParent)

00176     def addChild(self, child, index=9999999):
        """Add child to list.
        index is a position to place the new child
        self.children.insert(index, child)

00183     def createUniqueName(self, prefix):
        """Create a name using the prefix which hasn't been used before."""
        names = self.childnames

        i = 1
        while "%s%i" % (prefix, i) in names:
            i += 1
        return "%s%i" % (prefix, i)

00192     def chooseName(self):
        """Make a name for widget if not specified."""

        if self.parent is None:
            return '/'
            return self.parent.createUniqueName(self.typename)

00200     def _getUserDescription(self):
        """Return a user-friendly description of what
        this is (e.g. function)."""
        return ''
    userdescription = property(_getUserDescription)

00206     def prefLookup(self, name):
        """Get the value of a preference in the form foo/bar/baz"""

        if len(name) > 0 and name[0] == '/':
            obj = self.document.basewidget
            name = name[1:]
            obj = self

        parts = name.split('/')
        noparts = len(parts)

        # this could be recursive, but why bother
        # loop while we iterate through the family
        i = 0
        while i < noparts and obj.hasChild( parts[i] ):
            obj = obj.getChild( parts[i] )
            i += 1

        if i == noparts:
            raise ValueError, "Specified a widget, not a setting"
            return obj.settings.getFromPath( parts[i:] )

00230     def getChild(self, name):
        """Return a child with a name."""
        for i in self.children:
            if i.name == name:
                return i
        return None

00237     def hasChild(self, name):
        """Return whether there is a child with a name."""
        return self.getChild(name) is not None

00241     def _getChildNames(self):
        """Return the child names."""
        return [i.name for i in self.children]
    childnames = property(_getChildNames)

00246     def removeChild(self, name):
        """Remove a child."""

        i = 0
        nc = len(self.children)
        while i < nc and self.children[i].name != name:
            i += 1

        if i < nc:
            raise ValueError, \
                  "Cannot remove graph '%s' - does not exist" % name

00260     def _getPath(self):
        """Returns a path for the object, e.g. /plot1/x."""

        obj = self
        build = ''
        while obj.parent is not None:
            build = '/' + obj.name + build
            obj = obj.parent

        if len(build) == 0:
            build = '/'

        return build
    path = property(_getPath)

00275     def computeBounds(self, parentposn, painter, margins = (0., 0., 0., 0.)):
        """Compute a bounds array, giving the bounding box for the widget."""

        # get parent's position
        x1, y1, x2, y2 = parentposn
        dx, dy = x2-x1, y2-y1

        # get our position
        px1, py1, px2, py2 = self.position
        x1, y1, x2, y2 = ( x1+dx*px1, y1+dy*py1, x1+dx*px2, y1+dy*py2 )
        dx1, dy1, dx2, dy2 = margins
        return [ x1+dx1, y1+dy1, x2-dx2, y2-dy2 ]

00288     def draw(self, parentposn, painter, outerbounds = None):
        """Draw the widget and its children in posn (a tuple with x1,y1,x2,y2).

        painter is the widget.Painter to draw on
        outerbounds contains "ultimate" bounds we don't go outside

        bounds = self.computeBounds(parentposn, painter)

        if not self.settings.hide:

            # iterate over children in reverse order
            for c in reversed(self.children):
                c.draw(bounds, painter, outerbounds=outerbounds)
        # return our final bounds
        return bounds

00306     def getSaveText(self, saveall = False):
        """Return text to restore object

        If saveall is true, save everything, including defaults."""

        # set everything first
        text = self.settings.saveText(saveall)

        # now go throught the subwidgets
        for c in self.children:
            text += ( "Add('%s', name=%s, autoadd=False)\n" %
                      (c.typename, repr(c.name)) )

            # if we need to go to the child, go there
            ctext = c.getSaveText(saveall)
            if ctext != '':
                text += ("To(%s)\n"
                         "To('..')\n") % (repr(c.name), ctext)

        return text

00328     def readDefaults(self):
        """Read the default settings.
        Also set settings to stylesheet
        self.settings.readDefaults('', self.name)

00335     def buildFlatWidgetList(self, thelist):
        """Return a built up list of the widgets in the tree."""

        for child in self.children:

00342     def _recursiveBuildSlots(self, slots):
        """Build up a flat representation of the places where widgets
        can be placed

        The list consists of (parent, index) tuples

        slots.append( (self, 0) )

        for child, index in itertools.izip(self.children, itertools.count(1)):
            slots.append( (self, index) )

00355     def moveChild(self, w, direction):
        """Move the child widget w up in the hierarchy in the direction.
        direction is -1 for 'up' or +1 for 'down'

        Returns True if succeeded

        # find position of child in self
        c = self.children
        oldindex = c.index(w)

        # remove the widget from its current location

        # build a list of places widgets can be placed (slots)
        slots = []

        # find self list - must be a better way to do this -
        # probably doesn't matter too much, however
        ourslot = (self, oldindex)
        ourindex = 0
        while ourindex < len(slots) and slots[ourindex] != ourslot:
            ourindex += 1

        # should never happen
        assert ourindex < len(slots)

        # move up or down the list until we find a suitable parent
        ourindex += direction

        while ( ourindex >= 0 and ourindex < len(slots) and
                not w.isAllowedParent(slots[ourindex][0]) ):
            ourindex += direction

        # we failed to find a new parent
        if ourindex < 0 or ourindex >= len(slots):
            c.insert(oldindex, w)
            return False
            newparent, newindex = slots[ourindex]
            existingname = w.name in newparent.childnames
            newparent.children.insert(newindex, w)
            w.parent = newparent

            # require a new name because of a clash
            if existingname:
                w.name = w.chooseName()

            return True

00407     def updateControlItem(self, controlitem, pos):
        """Update the widget's control point.
        controlitem is the control item in question."""


# allow the factory to instantiate a generic widget
document.thefactory.register( Widget )

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