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veusz-1.10::windows::mainwindow::MainWindow Class Reference

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class  _unsafeCmdMsgBox
class  _unsafeVeuszCmdMsgBox

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def addRecentFile
def closeEvent
def CreateWindow
def definePlugins
def defineViewWindowMenu
def deleteDialog
def dragEnterEvent
def dropEvent
def loadDefaultCustomDefinitions
def loadDefaultStylesheet
def openFile
def openFileInWindow
def populateRecentFiles
def queryOverwrite
def setupWindowGeometry
def showDialog
def slotAboutToShowEdit
def slotAboutToShowViewWindow
def slotAllowedImportsDoc
def slotDataCapture
def slotDataCreate
def slotDataCreate2D
def slotDataEdit
def slotDataHistogram
def slotDataImport
def slotDataReload
def slotEditCustom
def slotEditPreferences
def slotEditRedo
def slotEditStylesheet
def slotEditUndo
def slotFileClose
def slotFileExport
def slotFileNew
def slotFileOpen
def slotFilePrint
def slotFileQuit
def slotFileSave
def slotFileSaveAs
def slotHelpAbout
def slotHelpBug
def slotHelpHomepage
def slotHelpProjectPage
def slotModifiedDoc
def slotUpdateAxisValues
def slotUpdatePage
def updateStatusbar
def updateTitlebar

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

list windows = []

Private Member Functions

def _defineMenus
def _fileOpenDialog
def _fileSaveDialog
def _getVeuszDropFiles

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

The main window class for the application.

Definition at line 56 of file mainwindow.py.

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