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veusz-1.10::widgets::colorbar::ColorBar Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def addAction
def addChild
def addDefaultSubWidgets
def addSettings
def againstWhichEdge
def buildFlatWidgetList
def chooseName
def computeBounds
def createUniqueName
def dataToPlotterCoords
def draw
def generateLabelLabels
def getAction
def getChild
def getDocument
def getPlottedRange
def getSaveText
def graphToPlotterCoords
def hasChild
def isAllowedParent
def isWidget
def linearConvertFromPlotter
def linearConvertToPlotter
def logConvertFromPlotter
def logConvertToPlotter
def moveChild
def plotterToDataCoords
def plotterToGraphCoords
def prefLookup
def readDefaults
def removeChild
def rename
def setAutoRange
def swapline
def swaplines
def updateControlItem
def updateControlItem
def willAllowParent

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

list allowedparenttypes = [graph.Graph, grid.Grid]
 allowusercreation = True
string description = 'Image color bar'
 isaxis = True
string typename = 'colorbar'
tuple willAllowParent = classmethod(willAllowParent)


 childnames = property(_getChildNames)
 path = property(_getPath)
 userdescription = property(_getUserDescription)

Detailed Description

Color bar for showing scale of image.

This naturally is descended from an axis

Definition at line 36 of file colorbar.py.

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